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Private Dental Care Price List

fees correct as of April 2017
Dental Adult Examination £39.00
Dental Child Examination £19.50
Specialist Consultations
Implant & Prosthodontic consultation £125.00
Periodontal consultation £125.00
Orthodontic consultation £60.00
Oral surgery consultation £60.00
Facial aesthetic consultation Free
Invisalign consultation Free
Whitening consultation Free
Oral Hygiene & stain removal
30 minute Hygienist visit/ Air Polish £59.00
Tooth whitening
Home whitening £250.00
Zoom! Power chair whitening £499.00
Enlighten £600.00
White Fillings £95.00
Surgical Extractions £130.00
Extractions £90.00
Root canal treatment
Incisor or canine £250.00
Premolar £350.00
Molar £450.00
Porcelain bonded Crown £450.00
Full Porcelain Crown £650.00
Gold Crown £725.00
Porcelain veneer £550.00
Bridge (per unit) £650.00
Full Denture (per arch) £645.00
Teeth straightening (per arch)
Subsidies children's rate £1,500.00
Fixed braces £1,750.00
Six months Smiles £2,000.00
Clear fixed braces £2,200.00
Invisalign £2,450.00
Incognito £4,850.00
Implant (including crown) £2,500.00

0% Finance available

* Please note that although we try to be as transparent as possible with our fees, it is not possible to give an exact price until you have seen your Dentist. This fee list is a guide only. Your dentist will give a tailored treatment plan indicating costs once you have been seen.