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What is Invisalign?


The treatment process:

1. Consultation

Your first visit is to understand what you want to achieve and to assess if
Invisalign is suitable for you. We take photos of your teeth if needed and discuss all your options. This appointment is free of charge.

2. Clincheck

We send your impressions to Invisalign who creates a video simulation of how your teeth will look at each stage and most importantly the final result. This stage takes approximately 2 weeks from when your impressions are taken. We only go ahead with your treatment plan once the Doctor and the patient (you) are completely happy with the result. Once we have agreed on the Clincheck a series of your virtually clear customised aligners are manufactured.

3. Treatment

Within approximately 2 weeks of your Clincheck appointment, you can start your treatment. On the first treatment appointment we show you how to wear and care for your aligners and also carry out any preliminary treatment that may be needed. You change your braces every 1 to 2 weeks and remove the aligners for meals and brushing. We also ask you to visit us every 4 to 6 weeks during your treatment to review the movement of your teeth (which is all included in the price)

4. Completion

After the first couple of months, you and your friends will notice a difference in your smile. You are likely to be completing your treatment soon and will have so much to smile about!